Frequently Asked Questions

  1. In your phone setup refresh rate 120Hz or 144Hz (Settings -> Display -> Refresh rate).
  2. Setup maximum display brightness.
  3. Start any 3D SBS video from the Playlist.
  4. Plug Rekindle Stick into USB-port. The LED should be up.
  5. The video automatically switches from SBS to blurred 3D mode, and the Stick LED starts to glow.
  6. On Rekindle Glasses press once a button (located on the upper side). Button starts to blink once in 3 seconds.
    glasses button
  7. When glasses catch the light from the Rekindle Stick, they get synched, the frames darken.
  8. Put on Rekindle glasses. In a video player controls press left/right buttons to adjust Base Advance parameter until the image is crisp.
    base advance
  9. If the image is crisp but you feel the 3D image is uncomfortable, short press once the button on Rekindle Glasses to change left/right frames order.
    glasses button

We are leading negotiations to provide licensed video content inside Universal Player. Until that time you can use some sources we found in the Internet:
  1. Download and Setup Emby media center.
  2. Download videos from above links into Emby.
  3. Then you can watch downloaded content using Emby client inside Universal Player.

If the image is crisp, but you see the 3D image is uncomfortable, short press once the button on Rekindle Glasses (located on the upper side) to change the left/right frames order.
glasses button

How to increase 3D effect

3D effect depth depends on the video itself.
Also it depends on the device screen size. The bigger the screen, the more expressive 3D effect is.
That means, phone 3D effect < tablet 3D effect < TV 3D effect < projector 3D effect

Too many menu buttons, how to customize

You can change the order of menu buttons: long press on menu button, then drag left or right

Glasses do not connect to the phone or periodically lose sync when playing videos.

  1. Make sure phone display rate is 120Hz.
  2. Make phone display brightness to the maximum.
  3. Make sure Rekindle Stick LED glows when video is started.
  4. Switch off other sources of light. Fluorescent or LED lamps can affect glasses operation.
  5. Some phones (especially OnePlus phones) automatically drop the FPS from 120Hz to lower value. Make sure your phone keeps stable FPS 120Hz: for that start any video, press FPS button on upper right corner to see constantly FPS value.
    If your phone drops the FPS, follow the recommendations from FAQ: "What to do if my phone automatically drops the FPS"
  6. Some phones need USB extender to center the Stick in the middle of the display to make light signal straight and maximum.
After the Rekindle Glasses successfully connect with Rekindle Stick, glasses frames become darkened.

Rekindle Stick is not recognized by the app

Before sending the product to the customer, we double check the Stick operation on two different phones. The normal operation of Rekindle Stick when plugged into USB port:
  1. When plugged, Rekindle Stick LED gives short white flash.
  2. Inside the Universal Player, permission popup dialog appears: "Allow Universal Player to access Rekindle Stick?"
    permission popup
  3. In the Universal Player, inside the submenu "FW Update" should be status: "Rekindle Stick firmware version X.XX. No need to update"
    need to update

If Rekindle Stick is not recognized by Universal Player, then:
  1. Over time the phone USB connector collects dust and grime. Please, look carefully and clean the connector by yourself (watch Youtube video) or send it for cleaning to technical service.
  2. Connect your phone to PC via USB cable. Your phone should be recognized by the PC.
  3. Plug Rekindle Stick into the PC and check if the Stick is recognized by the PC (on Winndows open Device Manager, on Linux execute command dmesg or lsusb)

Why are so many media centers supported inside Universal Player

Media center is an easy and convenient way to keep, structure and access any photo/video content. Home photos/videos, downloaded videos/movies/TV Series can be added to the media-center. When added, the content is automatically scanned, structured, media-info is added, beautiful posters are generated. About half a billion people are using media centers every day.

Universal Player natively supports most popular of them: Plex, Stremio, Kodi, Emby, Jellyfin.
Just download and install Jellyfin or Emby on your laptop to understand how easy it is. It takes only a few minutes to install and setup. Here are the links: Jellyfin, Emby

I did not get ordered products

Please contact the delivery and distribution department via email:
Be ready to provide your tracking number. If you pointed wrong delivery address they will rearrange your delivery to the correct address.

I want to promote and sell your products in my country

Please contact with sales and promotion department:

Will Universal Player be supported by iOS, PC, TVs, Projectors?

We started the work to bring the project to the WEB (Rekindle Stick driver already supports it). So, any device with a WEB browser will be able to play 3D out of the box.

Do you have a project development roadmap?

Here is the actual roadmap for a new functionality in near future (updated after each release)
  1. Movies and TV Series distribution inside Universal Player
  2. Converting 2D videos to 3D
  3. Shifting the technology to the WEB

What to do if my phone automatically drops the FPS?

  1. Install the app SetEdit from Google Play
  2. Find the parameter "peak_refresh_rate" -> choose edit value -> set the value "59.99"
  3. If it does not take effect immediately, you may need to reboot the device.
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